Playlist: “The harder they fall”.

Western movies are not really my cup of tea, but it’s well known that every rule has an exception. For me, “The harder they fall” is the greatest exception. But while I’m here to persuade you to listen to the Official Spotify Playlist of this film, let’s talk about how the movie started and why I enjoyed it so much. No spoilers, I promise.

*Tiny note that might be important for some of the readers: Jaymes Samuel is one of the writers and the director of the movie. He is also a singer-songwriter and music producer. This foreshadows that “The harder they fall” is a cinematic masterpiece with great sounds, right?

The best opening.

First few minutes are straight confusion, at least to me, that I am not familiar with this genre. Gunshots, raw violence, no explanations whatsoever. Wasn’t sure if I was shocked, enjoying it, not liking it or all the above at the same time.

And after those few minutes of me thinking I should have rewatched “The Notebook” for the 10th time, rather than acting like a psychic, guessing why they keep shooting at each other so cold-bloodedly for no reason, BOOM, the most fitting song for the opening credits makes me go nuts. “Guns Go Bang” by Kid Cudi and JAY-Z plays with the names of the actors on the screen and I can’t help myself at this point. I just know this is going to be a great movie.

The playlist itself.

The movie starts, the plot unfolds, and each song drops at the best moment possible. Every soundtrack is chosen carefully, and it fits every scene like Cinderella’s glass slipper. “The harder they fall” by Koffee is good quality reggae. It’s golden. “Better than gold” by Barrington Levy, too.

Sliding into hip hop, “Black Woman” follows, by Fatoumata Diawara and Ms. Lauryn Hill, and right after we are getting “Wednesday’s Child” by Alice Smith, a song so beautiful and full of emotion, that gives goosebumps. But in a good way.

Classic CeeLo Green with “Blackskin Mile”, Seal with “Ain’t no better love”, “No turning around” by Jeymes Samuel and some more pieces complete this amazing playlist.

Homework for the reader.

Dearest reader, I tried to persuade you to listen to these songs, writing about this amazing movie and those amazing soundtracks. I did my part; you must do yours. Pick a comfortable seat in front of your TV or laptop, grab some popcorn and watch it. I promise you; those 2 hours and 19 minutes will be worth it. And the next few days too, because you will be probably listening again and again to the movie’s Official Playlist on Spotify. Do you accept the challenge?


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