Meet the team


Born and raised in Thessaloniki. Child of the 90s. Music has always been a part of his life with many “ports of call” in different genres per period, like all of us. In a way, these are the choices of his show, during this endless journey called “music”. Every day is an opportunity to get better than yesterday, could be the motto that exists above his desk. Owl Radio is engraved on him for good.
Along with my involvement with OwlRadio, what I enjoy and like to call "work" is my involvement in the academic research of biomechanics. In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing sports, reading, watching movies, and of course listening to music. I particularly enjoy alpine skiing and any activities involving water.


Dimi is a 90s kid from Thessaloniki and is currently studying Architecture. She loves painting, vinyls, Italy and gelato and dislikes those who will tell her that it is only for summer. If you see her in the city, she will definitely wear big headphones and listen to one of her favorite indie rock bands or try new beers at local pubs. She loves music and coffee, and now she has the opportunity to combine both by "serving" fresh sounds and cultural news at "black coffee" every Thursday from 16:00-18:00
Manos is grown up and lives in Athens but he loves Crete and especially Chania where he studied. He believes that none of what you learn is useless, so he knows a lot of useless information. When it comes to music, he likes a lot of gernes, but his favorites are indie / alternative rock and hip-hop. If you know the song he probably does not like it. He tries to spread songs that are not very well known, but they should. If you want to meet him, look at a live concert next to you, he might be there holding a beer, otherwise you will find him in local bars with good music in Athens. Join him every Sunday at 22:00-00:00, for ‘’doppelgänger’’.
Lexi Loop
Lexi Loop is a DJ and producer based in the UK. He grew up in Greece and started his journey in music as a kid listening to records glued to the loudspeakers. Growing up, he wrote songs, played in bands, did radio shows, and even performed as part of a Renaissance acapella group. In the UK, Lexi studied Sound Design, composed music for short films and brands, performed as a DJ, and hosted club nights in Sussex. His love for music sees no boundaries, and he has a soft spot for great production, strong vocals, and addictive melodies. With Loopography, his latest radio show on Owl Radio, Lexi shares his eclectic taste in music from electronic to world, and everything in between.
Giorgos P
He loves music and sports, travelling and volunteering. He used to say “If you wanna do something, you'll find a way. If you don’t, you'll find an excuse.” Today, he just smiles and tries to evolve. He often wishes he had more time in a day so he could catch up with everything, but the truth is that if he did, he'd just fill it up with more stuff to do. In his spare time, he studies Mechanical Engineering.
Jim, aka ‘’Karablack’’, is 24 years old and comes from Thessaloniki. He is inquisitive and found Owl radio randomly while scrolling on Instagram, one Friday noon. He liked it, so why not participate in it? Karablack doesn’t like speaking in the third person when talking about himself, but he gave it a try this time. Join him every Monday at 22:00- 00:00, for “Rosa Purpura”.
She is a 90's child and began broadcasting in 2011. An artistic soul that loves nature, self improvement books and vintage cinema. Rock music is part of her design. "People are strange", everyone is unique, "come as you are" into hers music journey. Join her every Wednesday at 20:00- 22:00, for the “Rocky”.
Themis grew up as a prodigy, nowadays he's living his life as a misfit. He has been around the world trying new beers, only to prove that after the first pint he always gets a headache. Trapped in a 60 year old body, he enjoys the couch life watching NBA, Formula 1 and Glastonbury concerts. His motto is 'Make sure that one day you will be able to answer the question "What's your story?" ' Join him every Wednesday at 22:00-00:00, for the "Solaris".
Giorgos K
This is one is a strange one. This guy is obsessed with everything that he is doing...Basically, a nerd. Bad wordplay and good music is his strongest suit.Not the morning type but coffee and good company makes him one. Join him. Drafts are coming.
Natalie belongs to the 2000’s club and she has a serious passion for making playlists. She was born and raised in Thessaloniki, where she also is currently studying International Relations. You’ll spot her only with her headphones on so if you see her, wave, a lot!
Lost Ceres
Loud hard music and black IPA beers are my pleasures in life. Moving my everyday life around Athens and other cities is my thing. I am a groupie of local artists and deeds and I support them loudly.
Not a music lover and definitely not writing about music at Owl Radio. Wanna know more about me? Go read the articles or join me on Fridays at 9-11. We ‘ll be soulhoppin.
Born and raised in a coastal town close to Athens, he started listening to music from an early age as he became influenced by his father's music taste. Later on, he evolved his own music taste which extends from jazz to punk with an emphasis mostly on indie rock. He is interested in societal issues and world politics and he loves to discuss how popular culture can influence the world we are living for the better. His greatest accomplishment is creating a playlist with more than 2000 songs of any genre and 140 hours of music.

Music specialists

A guy born and raised in the Thessaloniki. He has studied Computer Science at the Aristotle University and has been working with music since the age of 16 by producing his own tracks. Music is a way to express his thoughts and feelings, so it is really important for him. In his free time he likes to travel and take photos of things that catch his eye.
Day dreamer-Night (over) thinker. Born and raised in Athens, Marina has studied “German language & literature” as well as “stage & costume design”, but her academic visions have not yet been completed. She has a serious addiction to milk and also music, since it has the power to connect each and every one of us. She thinks that music has to be shared and she can’t do any activity, if music isn’t heard in the background. That’s why she makes playlists at owl radio. 90s blood flows through her veins, but she has a hippie heart, since she hopes that someday, love will conquer the world.