Meet the team


Born and raised in Thessaloniki. Child of the 90s. Music has always been a part of his life with many “ports of call” in different genres per period, like all of us. In a way, these are the choices of his show, during this endless journey called “music”. Every day is an opportunity to get better than yesterday, could be the motto that exists above his desk. Owl Radio is engraved on him for good.
Along with my involvement with OwlRadio, what I enjoy and like to call "work" is my involvement in the academic research of biomechanics. In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing sports, reading, watching movies, and of course listening to music. I particularly enjoy alpine skiing and any activities involving water.


Stella is a '98 girl born in Thessaloniki. She enjoyed her drinks in Komotini while studying law. Her love for music and dance followed her throughout her life and that's the reason why she returned to Thessaloniki in order to complete the show with kickthesun’s. She will easily integrate you into their group of three by reading your messages and posing topics and questions for discussion. In short, she is the legal representative of KickTheSun’s. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.
Kelly is a '99 girl who lives like it's the '80s. She loves to make her hair into afro curls and dance to the most electrifying beats under the dazzling lights of the stage. She started dancing at the age of 2, and that's where her love for music was born. Any kind of music that can make her dance and move her hair is what she adores. This is how the idea for the show with her childhood friends came about, to interact with the world through danceable music.
Thenia is a girl born in '99 in Thessaloniki. She spent some years studying civil engineering in Larissa, but now she's back in her beloved city with her friends, hosting the KickTheSun show on OwlRadio. Her musical taste cannot be easily defined, which will surely attract many listeners to follow her choices. The only promise she makes is unforgettable and fun-filled Fridays filled with discussions.
I’ve never seen the Universe’s driving force. Though, i’ve heard it and i’ve read it. It’s Music and Philosophy. Having the above as the foundational belief of my everyday life, I aim at a different way of interacting and communicating into the capital’s urban environment. Join The Funky Monks -every Wednesday at 22.00- and meet me there.
Jim, aka ‘’Karablack’’, is 24 years old and comes from Thessaloniki. He is inquisitive and found Owl radio randomly while scrolling on Instagram, one Friday noon. He liked it, so why not participate in it? Karablack doesn’t like speaking in the third person when talking about himself, but he gave it a try this time. Join him every Monday at 22:00- 00:00, for “Rosa Purpura”.
She is a 90's child and began broadcasting in 2011. An artistic soul that loves nature, self improvement books and vintage cinema. Rock music is part of her design. "People are strange", everyone is unique, "come as you are" into hers music journey.
Giorgos K
Dancefloor "Veteran", Dirty Synthesizer Lover, Night Owl & Afterhour specialist. Bringing you only banger tracks straight from top charts.
Elina hides behind Elstatic when it comes to music. Born and raised in Athens, always liked music with good taste, constantly exploring musicians in a diverse spectrum. Her journey as a DJ began among her studies in Ioannina, where she was given the chance to develop her own unique style on the Dance floor. She believes that music was created to stimulate the body, and people around her will assure you that Dancing is the quickest way to her heart. Currently, catch her on ‘Ritmo Elstatico’.
One of the rising lights of contemporary electronics, Iasonas Degleris (b. ‘90s, France) aka le.comptoir.cube is an architect, sound artist and artistic director based in-between Athens [GR] and Paris [FR]. Appreciates simple things like a sunny day, his books, his vinyls, a good cup of coffee, and a tennis racquet. Supporter of the ordinary quote “less is more.” Catch him on sundays 20.00-22.00.

Music specialists

Day dreamer-Night (over) thinker. Born and raised in Athens, Marina has studied “German language & literature” as well as “stage & costume design”, but her academic visions have not yet been completed. She has a serious addiction to milk and also music, since it has the power to connect each and every one of us. She thinks that music has to be shared and she can’t do any activity, if music isn’t heard in the background. That’s why she makes playlists at owl radio. 90s blood flows through her veins, but she has a hippie heart, since she hopes that someday, love will conquer the world.
Giorgos P
He loves music and sports, travelling and volunteering. He used to say “If you wanna do something, you'll find a way. If you don’t, you'll find an excuse.” Today, he just smiles and tries to evolve. He often wishes he had more time in a day so he could catch up with everything, but the truth is that if he did, he'd just fill it up with more stuff to do. In his spare time, he studies Mechanical Engineering.