Meet the Team


The Founders

Born and raised in Thessaloniki. Child of the 90s. Music has always been a part of his life with many “ports of call” in different genres per period, like all of us. In a way, these are the choices of his show, during this endless journey called “music”. Every day is an opportunity to get better than yesterday, could be the motto that exists above his desk. Owl Radio is engraved on him for good.
CEO and Founder
Along with my involvement with OwlRadio, what I enjoy and like to call "work" is my involvement in the academic part of research that has to do with the science of biomechanics. In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing sports, reading, watching movies and of course listening to music. There is a particular preference and trend in alpine skiing and in activities that involve the element of water.

Producers // DJ's


Radio Producer

Maria was born in 1998 but she believes that she was born in the wrong decade. Her passion is dancing but she also loves music. She is a vinyl collector and would gladly argue with anyone who thinks that music doesn’t sound better on vinyl. She can enjoy all kinds of music but her favourite is Rock!


Radio Producer

Jim is 22 y.o guy from Thessaloniki and he is mostly known as ‘’Karablack’’. He is a person full of questions. Owl radio chance came out randomly during scrolling on Instagram one Friday noon. So why not? He doesn’t like the 3rd singular when he talks about himself(even if he used to do this). It is safer to make your opinion by meeting him on ’’Rosa Purpura’.


Radio Producer

This one is a strange one. This guy is obsessed with everything that he does and could be described as a nerd. Bad wordplay and good music are his strong suits. He is not a morning person, but coffee and good company makes him one.


Radio Producer

Kanakis was born and raised in Athens.He loves music and football.His mood depends on the music that he listens to. Music is the best way to express his feelings. Every single one experience/memory that he has lived, is deeply connected to a significant song. Sometimes during the show he sings and loses the main point of the conversation.He has tried his luck on djiing in some "local" parties.


Radio Producer

He is one of the three producers of the “phenomenon” called ‘Music is the Answer’. He always thought that good music, positive vibes and a good talk is the secret recipe of happiness. From an early age he tried his lack with many genres such as EDM/House, Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop and some alt-rock from some greek bands. He started playing as a “DJ” with a few friends in some friendly parties. Then he formed a band and played in some small bars and finally he started with Kanakis and Stamatis the radio show that you all know (or you should know). He is always up to interrupting everyone, laughing out loud and arguing about everything when needed.


Radio Producer

Yo yo yo this is Stamatis. Stamatis is born and raised in Athens. His favorite kind of music is future house, metal and whatever fits the mood of the day. Clear indication of his spontaneous character and a whatever-may-come attitude which is also clearly reflected in the radio show. (Anyone that has listened to it knows it by now) . The proof of all these assumptions is that his dream is to become a stand up comedian.


Radio Producer

He loves music and sports, travelling and volunteering. He often said “If you wanna do something, you'll find a way. If you don’t, you'll find an excuse”. Today, he just smiles and tries to evolve. He often wishes he had more time in a day so he could catch up with everything, but the truth is that if he did, he'd just find more stuff to do. In his spare time, he studies Mechanical Engineering.


Radio Producer

She is a 90's child and began broadcasting in 2011. She is an artistic soul that, along with music, loves painting, Nikos Kazantzakis and the deep blue sea. Dark necessities are part of her design, even though she is not part of the RHCP. 


Radio Producer And Part of the IT Team

Themis grew up as a prodigy, nowadays he's living his life as a misfit. He has been around the world trying new beers, only to prove that after the first pint he always gets a headache. Trapped in a 60 year old body, he enjoys the couch life watching NBA, Formula 1 and Glastonbury concerts. His motto is 'Make sure that one day you will be able to answer the question "What's your story?".


Radio Producer and Blog Editor

Materializing whatever pops into her mind, she is now part of Owl’s family. Sarcasm is her defensive mechanism and she has a weakness for terrible wordplay jokes. When she is not sleeping, she improvs in the shower or binge-watches BBT. Give her some chocolate and you will make her happy. Join her every Thursday at 18:00-20:00, for “Casual Theory”.


Radio Producer and Author

It has been 5 years since George's first touch with music. After lots of bars and restaurants he is now hosting #WeTheLoungers events. Owl Radio is his last music station.


Radio Producer And Author

Not a music lover and definitely not writing about music at Owl Radio. Want to know more about her? Go read the articles.

Social Media Team


Graphic Designer

Cocaya belongs to the creative team of She is the Visual Designer & Content Creator on Social Media, since December 2020, while her motto here at owl is: "It's OWL about art".


Social media strategist

Borned and raised in Athens, Greece. Currently studying Archaeology & History of Art at University of Athens and Digital & Social Media Marketing at American College of Greece, also working in an email marketing software company. Passionate about late night walks, street-art, music and tattoos. Her motto in life: “Don’t stop until you’re proud“.




Born in the late 90s, Aphrodite is especially passionate about  music and books. Her romantic spirit allows her to travel through music to a better world, while literature nourishes her fantasy, leading to her spending hours on books. She strongly believes that music can enlighten every person’s mind. She is also a foodie.



Aggelos Andreossopoulos was born and raised in Patras, he is 20 years old and studies Philology. You have probably seen him doing track and field training at the stadium; if not, you have surely seen him listening to music. He is full of joy and surprises and he challenges life every day.





Ονομάζομαι Πανοπούλου Κάλλια, έχω τελειώσει την σχολή Επικοινωνίας και ΜΜΕ. Η μεγάλη μου αγάπη είναι το σινεμά αλλά και η μουσική, μου αρέσει πολύ να συνδυάζω αυτές τις δύο τέχνες και να τις ανακαλύπτω παράλληλα. Μέσα από το κείμενα μου στο Οwl Radio θα ανακαλύψουμε μουσικές από την Βραζιλία, τις αγαπημένες μου ταινίες και πολλά ακόμη!!



Florentia is studing Architecture and she is in love with Songwriting. There is always a song playing in her head and she usually sings it out loud. Morning person, but in the midnight she tries new gin+soda combinations. She ends up drinking gin tonic though. Try not to disturb her while she is watching crime series or stand-up comedy.



Γεννήθηκε στο Άργος το 1998 και ξεκίνησε μαθήματα πιάνου σε ηλικία 4 ετών. Έχει πτυχίο Μουσικής από το School Of Oriental and African Studies του Πανεπιστημιου του Λονδινου, όπου υπήρξε μέλος της London Bulgarian Choir και του γκρουπ Μπαλινέζικης μουσικής St Luke’s Gamelan ensemble. Εκτός από πιάνο, παίζει ινδική τάμπλα και τραγουδάει-, όχι μονο στο ντους αλλά και σε άλλες περιστάσεις, λέει κακά λογοπαίγνια και υπηρετεί τις γάτες της.